All Black Everything.

For those of you who know me, you know that I am almost always wearing all black. And no, it’s not because I hate color, or think it’s slimming (although it is), or even want to fall into the typical “fashion girl” stereotype of head to toe black.

The real reason for it is because it is THE easiest thing to transition from day to night. And as a girl who is working full time, and heading to fashion shows afterwards, having an easy transition is an absolute must.

Lindsay Viker Couture in the Suburbs TFW Blogger of the Month

When Tucson Fashion Week approached me asking me to be their Featured Blogger of the Month for May I was BEYOND thrilled. Couture in the Suburbs absolutely adores Tucson Fashion Week (we had a great time at their show back in October. See the story here) and couldn’t be more excited to partner with them on a story.

Their request was a fashion blogger’s take on a day to night look. My answer: All Black Everything.

Lindsay Viker Couture in the Suburbs TFW Blogger of the Month

Lately, I have been extra obsessed with long flowy skirts. They are surprisingly cool during the warm days we are having here in AZ and look much more elegant than shorts in my opinion.

Lindsay Viker Couture in the Suburbs TFW Blogger of the Month Day Close Up 4

When you’re wearing all black, statement accessories are a must. I typically curate jewelry from a variety of places from Forever 21 to Kendra Scott. I love digging through my jewelry stash and figuring out new ways to mix metals, textures and shapes. I try and challenge myself to never wear the exact same combination with the same outfit.

Lindsay Viker Couture in the Suburbs TFW Blogger of the Month Day Closeup 5

And lately, I’ve been switching out my daytime heels for some fun leopard print and glitter smoking shoes. Although I’m brought back down to my normal height of 5’8″, I’m enjoying this more casual style for running around in the yard with my dogs, or even a quick trip to the Phoenix Premium Outlets.

Lindsay Viker Couture in the Suburbs TFW Blogger of the Month May

For night, I threw off the hat, fluffed my hair, and added this cool metallic jacket. I love adding a statement piece to an all black ensemble to make it look more interesting and eye catching at night.

Lindsay Viker Couture in the Suburbs TFW Blogger of the Month Night Closeup

I also toned down the jewelry since the jacket was such a statement. I opted for a single silver pendant that reflected the texture of the jacket perfectly.

Lindsay Viker Couture in the Suburbs TFW Blogger of the Month Night Closeup

And, of course, I had to throw on some tall shoes! I chose my beat up military style platform boots to add some height, and toughen up the look. Now, I’m all set for dinner, drinks, or even a fashion show!

Like I said before, you can’t go wrong with all black, especially if you lead the busy #LifeofaFashionBlogger!

Make sure you check out to see more of their featured fashion bloggers. Thanks again for choosing Couture in the Suburbs as May’s Blogger of the Month!


Story by: Lindsay Viker

Photos by: Denise Viker


Wait, There’s a Brush for That

Whether you’re going out to mill with the ladies, on a hot date, or just rolling out of bed and heading to school, us women put on some sort of makeup most, if not every, day. The real question is, are we using the right makeup brushes to apply our makeup and what the heck are all of the brushes used for in that beautiful but overwhelming brush set?!

Let’s start with facial brushes. When applying foundation to the actual brush, you really don’t need a lot because the large flat brush is great for coverage. I don’t know about you, but it took me awhile to get used to using a foundation brush because I feel like I’m painting my makeup on but then I think about one of my favorite quotes from Burlesque, “When you’re putting on your make-up it’s like you’re an artist, but instead of painting a canvas, you’re painting your face.”

After you’ve applied your foundation, you’ll need to take a big fluffy powder brush to apply your lose or pressed powder. Next, you’ll want to take your contour brush and apply a bronzer and blush to those cheek bones of yours. Side note: make sure you either smile pretty or make a cute kissy face so that you don’t contour all the way up to your ears!

makeup brush tutorial contour pic

Next comes the eyebrows. You’ll first want to use the eyebrow brush to comb and shape the eyebrows because well we all know how important it is for both eyebrows to be even and nobody likes the scared or crazy person eyebrow look.

Then you’ll want to take an eyebrow powder that is slightly darker than your brows and apply with a slanted eyebrow brush. This kind of brush is also good if you’re using a cream eyeliner and want to wing out your liner.

makeup brush tutorial eye

Now my favorite part, the eye makeup. In most brush sets there will be two decently sized flat brushes. Either one can be used for the lid color. Which one you use really depends on how large your lid is and which one you prefer to use.

When if comes to applying color to your crease, you’ll want to use the same size brush, but the bristles are slanted or at an angle. To finish off the eye look, you’ll want to use the smudge brush, which is the brush with a small sponge like tip at the end of it. This brush is great for smudging or blending not only eye shadow, but eyeliner as well.

makeup brush tutorial eye makeup pic

Expert Tip: To keep from collecting bacteria, getting eye infections, and breakouts, make sure to clean your brushes every 2-4 weeks. For best results, either find a makeup brush shampoo such as Bare Escentuals Well- Cared For brush conditioning ($14) or for a cheaper solution, Johnson’s Baby Shampoo ($4.67). Make sure to rinse with lukewarm water and let them dry flat. Happy cleaning!

makeup brush tutorial final look

Now to finalize your look, apply eyeliner and with a mascara brush or wand, apply mascara. If you have fall out from your eye makeup, use the large fan brush to wipe off residue. Add a pretty lip color and now you’re ready to go!

Story and Photos by: Cassie Goers

Business of Fashion’s First Fashion Show- Sun Devil Style

As the Spring semester comes to a close, ASU’s Business of Fashion debuted their first seasonal fashion show at the Memorial Union this week, “Sun Devil Style.” Including sponsors from online boutique Asos, Phoenix Fashion Week, The Shine Project, and College Ave. boutique Here on the Corner and the list continues. From the moment we walked into the venue to the moment we departed, we were extremely impressed with the production, the coordination, and the apparent effort that went into making the show a success.

The fashion focused club, Business of Fashion came into existence about a year ago and has provided students of all ages the ability to network with industry professionals, meet like-minded individuals, and receive tips and advice on how to jump- start their career. The club is currently composed of buyers, bloggers, and students who have a general interest in the fashion industry. The original founders include fashion bloggers and ASU students, Audree Lopez, Chloe Bosmeny, and our very own Couture in the Suburbs founder, Lindsay Viker.

Members of the club reached out to their connections in the industry to make this show possible. Designers and  retail stores that contributed to the effort included Medium Apparel, Rag-O- Rama, Frances, Living Dreams, Woman’s Touch Apparel, Knee Deep Denim, Regenerous Designs, Shop Olive You, 224 Apparel, and Born4Bikinis. Phoenix Fashion Week’s go-to hair artists, Toni & Guy even contributed their time to make each of the models look runway ready.






After the viewing the variety of spring inspired looks that were shown on the runway, the club conducted a raffle for the attendees. Giveaways included everything from gift cards to Original ChopShop Co., Asos, and RA Sushi to our favorite giveaway of the evening, two pieces of jewelry from Kendra Scott. Luckily, one of our favorite stylists, Jessica Hunter of Chic and Disheveled won that fabulous prize.


We were honored to be able to attend this event and couldn’t be more proud of the club and their major accomplishment. We anticipate the club continuing to grow and providing students with a creative outlet to express their interests and potential. If you are an ASU student who has a passion for fashion be sure to check out Business of Fashion this upcoming fall semester! Visit their Facebook page here.

Story by: Skyler Scott

Photos by: Skyler Scott and Desert Rose Images

Inspired Soles at 6th Avenue Gallery

We tend to think of shoes as a work of art… but the shoes at the Inspired Soles show at 6th Avenue Gallery are a whole new breed of artistic heels. You might remember this show from our post last year (See how much fun we had here), and if you do, you remember just how incredible the show really is.

We were thrilled to not just attend, but design another piece for the show this year.

Inspired Soles Couture in the Suburbs the Lush Artist

Artist Inspired Soles Lindsay Viker Couture in the Suburbs The Lush

The Lush was designed by our editor Lindsay Viker. This was the second heel she designed for Inspired Souls. See last year’s design, Urban Temptress, here.

“The Lush thrives off the finer things in life. She thinks the statement ‘Less is More’ is absolutely ridiculous. Everone knows MORE is more! And she is living proof of that. Some call her over the top, but she having too great of a time to care. She drinks champagne of Tuesdays, wears diamonds to the grocery store, considers leopard print a neutral, and wouldn’t be caught dead without red lipstick.”

The Lush Inspired Soles Artist

There was a number of other several incredible shoes, all being auctioned off to support Art Link Phoenix, an organization that promotes art education.

See some more styles below, and if you are interested in purchasing any of these pieces of art, make sure you check out 6th Avenue Gallery’s second showing on Friday, May 2nd from 6 to 10pm. For more information, visit their Facebook page here.

Inspired Souls 6th Avenue Gallery First Friday
Inspired Souls 6th Avenue Gallery Dance for Equality

Inspired Soles 6th Avenue

Click to Enlarge

Thank you 6th Avenue Gallery for letting us be a part of Inspired Soles for another year!

Story by: Lindsay Viker

Photos by: Denise Viker

Choose Scarves for Spring

It is safe to say that things are starting to heat up here in Arizona! (time to get out those bikini’s ladies!) So with this change in weather, we thought we would show you how we like to style some of our favorite lightweight, spring scarves.


Scarves are a great way to add some pizzazz to your outfit! Not only are they a fashionable accessory, they also act as the perfect transition piece from winter to spring. We absolutely fell in love with the site, and we know you will too! Whether you’re looking for a scarf with a pattern or one of those adorable infinity scarves, they have it all! Trust us; you’re going to want to check them out, so you too can add that favorite light, spring scarf to your wardrobe!

Preppy with a Pop of Color

This outfit is inspired by the bright colors of spring, mixed with some fun patterns. I love to keep things simple, but add in special details when it comes to my accessories. This preppy gray and white striped infinity scarf is oh so cute! I paired it with a breezy, green high-low top and my most comfortable pair of boyfriend jeans. For my jewelry, I added girly details with a chunky floral bracelet along with a couple of thin silver bracelets. To top this outfit off, I put on my favorite pair of woven wedges. This outfit is perfect for that next backyard bbq or a day of shopping with the girls.

Red, White, and Cute

I chose to style my outfit around this patriotic scarf because it fits my all-American girl personality. I paired it with a navy high-waisted skirt and a loose-fitted, red tank top that has pleather trim detailing (adds a little bit of edginess, which I just have to have). I love being able to use pieces for multiple reasons, and it just so happens that this scarf could double-up as a cute bathing suit cover-up. As tempting as it may be to run it up the flagpole on July 4th, I think I’ll keep her safely tucked away in my drawer when I’m not wearing it.


Thank you for sponsoring this post!

So, what are you waiting for? Go and find that perfect spring scarf that screams your own personal style! We’re sure you will thank us for recommending that perfect transition piece. Oh yeah, and we almost forgot to mention that your scarf comes in a cute purple clutch! We absolutely adore it (a total bonus for gifting)!

Happy spring ladies and let the warm weather commence!


Story and Photos by: Katrina Jarrett and Aubrey Long

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CFDA Award Winner Alexis Bittar Comes to Scottsdale

CFDA award winning jewelry designer, Alexis Bittar, made his way to Neiman Marcus in Scottsdale to debut his newest collection. Fine is an extension of the Alexis Bittar brand that also includes the three collections: Lucite, Elements, and Miss Havisham.

We were lucky enough to catch up with this insanely talented (and very charming!) designer to find out more about his new line and what life has been like for him after his major award from the Council of Fashion Designers of America.


Alexis Bittar – Image Courtesy of Alexis Bittar

What was the inspiration behind the Fine jewelry collection and why is it so different from what you were doing before?

So first off, the costume jewelry I have been designing for 23 years and am still continuing it. So it’s basically like I just had my fourth baby, very fertile. The costume has 3 lines: Lucite, Elements, and Miss Havisham. And the Fine was like a natural extension.

I live and breathe jewelry, I‘m thinking about it all the time. It’s like I can’t stop unfortunately, a bad neurosis. And I’m sure there’s a medication I could be on for it
(I interject – but you wouldn’t be nearly as successful)
I might be saner haha

What I loved about Fine was that the line itself, unlike fashion, doesn’t change so quickly. Every season there are definitely collections that get layered in, but it’s not like each season you go from everything’s butterflies and then the next season everything’s minimal. It has to have a point of view and you have to stick with it, which is hard for me.

So what I did? I’ve always loved fusing eras and kind of juxtaposed cultural references. And I loved this kind of 50’s very ladylike aesthetic, feminine, very Tippy Hedren, Alfred Hitchcock, where she’s a little sick, little twisted and she’s poisoning her husband, she would be on Prozac if it had existed, but still refined so there’s a bit of edge with her. And I fused that lady and had her have a dialogue with a very minimal 1990’s grunge girl.

Alexis Bittar Fine Jewelry Collection

Alexis Bittar Fine – Image courtesy of Alexis Bittar

And so I took those two juxtaposed aesthetics and fused them together, and really had the dialogue on what that would like. I feel like minimalism and fashion in Fine (or bridge, because a lot of it is sterling and some of it’s 18 carat, and they call sterling bridge) is an important aesthetic to have in jewelry. The idea of an urban woman. When I look at who our customer is, it’s the urban girl. You know? She’s not a farmer. She’s in the city and she’s reading French Vogue, and she knows who Carine Roitfeld is, and she understands fashion.

I feel like having that perspective needs to be engaged in that world and I also think that the story of personalization and layering is such an important part of the vocabulary in Fine or bridge jewelry, so I tried to bring all that together in one story.

What does the modern woman wear with some of your Fine pieces?

Bittar got excited and asked Dominique, the PR person, to show me the slideshow of the lookbook.

To me, it’s funny. Some people look at it and think it’s more event, because some of it’s super feminine. But, to me, it’s more everyday grunge.

It’s like a sweatshirt with some tennis bracelets, and these kind of 80’s drop earrings. But, it’s not like a bad prom picture.

Alexis Bittar Fine Lookbook

Alexis Bittar Fine – Image Courtesy of Alexis Bittar

It doesn’t need to be like “What gown do I wear?”

If you think of urban, I think that’s where fine jewelry should go. How do you wear it causally? And you can still wear Fine jewelry with a ball gown! But, you don’t need to be told how to wear it with a formal gown.

I think what most people don’t know, is how do you wear something in an everyday way without it feeling so precious?

How hands on are you when you are doing these styling shoots?

Hands on.

I wish I could be there for every single one! For me, it’s fun and stressful at the same time, because there’s so much money in 8 hours. So you want to make sure that your content is worth it. And also, you want to make sure that you’re driving home the message that you’re giving to your customers.


Alexis Bittar Fine Jewelry Collection

Alexis Bittar Fine – Image Courtesy of Alexis Bittar

Marie Chaix is great. She’s the one who does Proenza. We’ve worked together for like 6 years, and we work well. She knows what I’m looking for. But, I’m still hands on.

So let’s talk a little bit about your award from the CFDA. What was it like to win such a prestigious award and how did it help to propel your career in a new direction?

It was incredible. Actually it was really weird, because first off I brought my dad, and Iris Apfel was my date, and I was up against Proenza and Marc Jacobs. It was weird because everyone before the award was presented was like “This is your night” and I actually felt like there was a good chance I could win it, you know, you never know until they announce it.But Marc Jacobs, specifically, is such a darling, that he is a tough one to be up against. When I won, it was surreal actually. It was really surreal.

In terms of propelling my career…. Well, a few things. One, I think it made me look at my business outside in, because I didn’t even realize how far I had come. There was this perspective I had like “Wow, I didn’t even realize how far along I was in the industry.” And, from other people’s perspective, particularly the ones who had been collecting the line for years, it affirmed them to. They were admirers and it’s very much like a grassroots business in the way it’s been built. I think all those people who were fans of it, were not excited only for me, but for them. They’re I knew it when I bought the piece 15 years ago!

So what is your next move? Where do you want to take your business next?

Well, we definitely have a lot of room to grow with Fine and really perfecting it, and understanding that every customer is different, especially with Fine. It’s really a different customer base. Jeffrey’s is different from Neimans which is different than Saks, and Neimans in Scottsdale is different from Neimans in LA. It’s actually more nuanced, and I knew it, but now that I’m in it, I see it even more. So, it’s understanding that and really trying to perfect that and build a foundation on that.

Alexis Bittar Fine Jewelry Collection

Alexis Bittar Fine – Image Courtesy of Alexis Bittar

Possibly men’s jewelry, which would be an obvious extension, and then there’s a lot of discussion about hand bags, and obviously retail growth. I have 12 stores now, and am opening about 15 more.

What does a typical day look like for you?

I run the business right now, so I’m the CEO and creative director. I’m kind of schizophrenic and really split, which works well for me. I can jump from a business conversation to design.

And, the way I have the design team structured, which seems to work the best for the company, is Miss Havisham is in their silo, Lucite’s in their silo, Elements in their silo, and Fine is in a silo. I’m kind of bouncing around, and because the aesthetics are so different, it keeps me on my toes. When you see it in our store, we blend it to merchandise it. It’s really trying to drive inspiration with the team so they understand the direction I want to go in, and foster them to drive their inspiration so that it blends. So, I basically split my time between jumping from these different silos and then go to business.

The question I always love to ask people who have had a successful career in fashion is what advice would you give to a person looking to start their career?

I started from nothing, in the sense that I didn’t have any money… I started selling on the street. My parents are professors, so they didn’t know anything about fashion.

I think, in hindsight, what I like to tell people who are starting a business or starting a career is to be really honest about what it is you want. Pleasing someone else or caring what people think only gets in the way for what you really want to accomplish. But, you need to be honest about what it is you really want to accomplish. I know, for myself, I was hesitant to write everything out. I didn’t even know how to be honest with myself. When you’re starting out, you just want someone to affirm you, so any affirmation you’re kind of like “ohmygod you do love me!”

When I was much younger, a store might say we want you to do hearts. And I’d be like, I kind of hate doing hearts, but I needed the money so all of a sudden I’m doing hearts. It’s a poor example.

It’s important to say this is what I stand for, not to get stretched. When you’re building something, you need the growth, and you need the sales to build, or the affirmation. But, I think it’s important to literally write out a plan, whether it’s a career or a business about how much money you want to make, what kind of business owner or professional you want to be, what ethics means to you (that’s really critical because everyone’s ethics are different), how big you want to be. Write it out. You can refer to it. Most of us know it, but when you write it out, it makes it clearer.

In my situation, there was no other jewelry designer that I knew who did three collections with three different aesthetics, and I knew I wanted to do that, but I didn’t have anyone to look to. Fashion jewelry wasn’t a big industry when I started, but I felt like it could marry fashion, and I could have different collections and different aesthetics. I had a lot of resistance to that from the buyers. They were like make up your mind, and I didn’t want to make up my mind. I was like “This is how I’m doing it.”

Sometimes, you might not see that role model out there, but you still want to be like “this is what I believe.” That’s what makes you authentic.

Alexis Bittar and Couture in the Suburbs

Alexis Bittar with Couture in the Suburbs

We learned so much from Alexis Bittar, and thoroughly enjoyed having the opportunity to sit and talk to him. If you want to see some of this designer’s amazing collection for yourself, visit Neiman Marcus at Scottsdale Fashion Square or visit

Story by: Lindsay Viker
Photos by: Alexis Bittar

Newbie on the Rise

Now, you may think I’m crazy, but the first thing I do every morning is open my closet door and say “Good morning girls!,” to all my clothes. I’m that girl from “Confessions of a Shopaholic”; mannequins talk to me. And each piece of clothing that adorns my hangers, each pair of shoes perched on my shoe rack, along with every handbag I covet, has a special connection to me.


Some people call me a shopaholic, but to my family and friends, I’m Aubrey Long, fashionista extraordinaire—- eighteen years old and originally from Bronx, New York; New York, a fashionista’s dream scene.


aubrey long contributor


In truth, I haven’t always been into fashion, but by the time I started high school I was ready to make a statement with every outfit I wore. I’m not a quiet girl who uses fashion to stand out; instead I use fashion to compliment my mood and evoke reaction from those around me. Who doesn’t like walking into a room full of people, who you know are just waiting to see what the outfit dujour will be?


And while this is my first time writing a story for Couture in the Suburbs, it’s not my first time getting to work with the amazing Lindsay Viker. I’ve done photoshoots for the blog before (check out some of the photos here), when I was a sassy blonde.

Aubrey Long Lindsay Viker Couture in the Suburbs

Aubrey featured in Accessorize Accordingly

Now, I’m back feistier than ever as a red head, and ready to share with you the newest trends, and where you can locate them. For my first photoshoot I was lucky enough to be able to wear clothes from Clothes Minded boutique.

I just love having versatile pieces in my wardrobe, which is why I was instantly drawn to the tan and black tribal maxi skirt, that could easily be paired with a cute crop top for a night out on the town, or a loose fitting off-the-shoulder shirt to wear during the day, for running errands, having lunch with friends, or going to school. I also love to pair long, simple necklaces to add a little more pizazz to the outfit.

Another must-have in my wardrobe is a pair of comfy jeans that can expand and shrink with me when I’ve indulged in one too many cupcakes with my besties over the weekend. Pairing those jeans with a loose fitting blouse with floral lace accents adds a little sass to the outfit, while the flowers intertwined throughout the lace add an innocent babydoll feel.

Since this shirt has a low neckline, I chose to add a short horseshoe-like necklace for that extra sizzle.   A colored heel makes this outfit pop even more. Don’t be scared to add color to a neutral outfit; it transforms an okay outfit into a statement outfit within a matter of seconds!

You can never have too many options, but one thing is for sure, when it comes to building an outfit, classic pieces are key and ensure that your finished look is nothing short of spectacular.


Although quantity sometimes seems better than quality, finding essential pieces at more expensive prices is sometimes the better option. These pieces allow you to dress up or down, add pops of colorful shoes, wear long or short necklaces, and mix and match different  pieces in order to create new looks. And remember, the mannequins are never wrong!


Story and Photos by: Aubrey Long

Project Ethos 2014 at the W Hotel

If there is an event involving fashion, music, and art in the valley, you can count on us being there. This weekend we delightfully attended the Project Ethos event at the W hotel in Scottsdale. This movement can be found in some of the hippest most fashion-forward cities in the United States including Los Angeles, Portland, Chicago, and New York.

The mission behind Project Ethos is to assemble a variety of stylists, designers, buyers, and consumers on one common ground. Oh, and of course we cannot forget the media (which includes us!) to broadcast the event. We are fortunate to have an event as unique as this come to Scottsdale yet, it didn’t acquire the attention it deserved. The attendees were minimal overall, but that left more room in the front row for us!

Cheeki Swimwear

How appropriate to have a swimwear fashion show over a pool! Cheeki swimwear showed us the fun, playful and yes, “cheeky” side of swimwear. The models truly made the show, with attitudes just as bold as the colors they were wearing. Bravo ladies.

Tiffe Fermaint

This was our first time seeing Tiffe Fermaint’s collection on the runway and needless to say, it was out of this world. The lineup started off with a sleek black satin gown and a brown suede embellished overcoat and then quickly transitioned to high fashion Zenon Girl of the 21st Century attire.

Tiffe made neon socks with heels look good but only if you are wearing a holographic watercolor mini dress. She used a lot of mesh fabric in her designs and even incorporated triangular shaping which looked very “new age.” We also spotted the perfect pair of metallic high-waisted pants that would be ideal blogger must-have for this spring season.

Mabella Chic

Mabella Chic, a local AZ fashion designer that attended Small Boutique Fashion Week in NYC last year (see our story here), sent more bright fabrics and vibrant prints down the runway. This designer aspires to make clothes for the confident woman who knows what she wants and is not afraid to go after it. We love the mission of this clothing, and hope to see more variety of styles from Mabella Chic very soon.

Amelia Walsh

Amelia Walsh’s collection was the most visually and texturally diverse out of the five designers. We saw everything from white silk lounge pants to a skirt that emulated a modern day flamenco dress.  She also included an edgy floral number that accentuated the hips and neckline.

This collection gave us the true W “Wanderlust” experience with her frosty pink gowns that shimmered under the runway lighting. This particular collection appealed to us because it was young, fresh, and innovative with design.

Layana Aguilar

One of our favorite shows of the night, Layana Aguilar, showcased dramatic lines in neutral fabrics. We particularly liked the unexpected details like the outside seam on the sheer panels, the zipper down the back of the long white dress, and the pop of Egyptian fabric on the short white dress.

Even though Project Ethos wasn’t the happening place to be this year, we were happy to come out and support some new and familiar local designers. Project Ethos has the nationally recognizable name and therefore has the potential to bring together the fashion, music, and art scene. We love seeing the culmination of the three worlds and we hope to see similar events in our hometown. Thank you to everyone who came out to support this past weekend!

Story by: Lindsay and Skyler

Photos by: Plaid Sheep Photography


Chic Collegiate — Haley Peterson

Lights, camera, action! This is exactly what this Chic Collegiate will be saying soon enough as she works hard to direct her capstone film, “Cri de Guerre- Cry of War”. Senior at Arizona State Universiry, Haley Peterson is very passionate about costume design, or what we like to call “fashion on the big screen.”

Haley Peterson

Cri de Guerre is a film that delves into the inner world of Jeanne d’Arc through the power of art and dance. Haley brings life to this film with having a team of over 20 performers who are mostly volunteer and passion based. Her creativity shines through with the use of underwater filming equipment for certain scenes, as well as traveling up to seven different locations for filming. We are beyond ecstatic to see the final product come together, as Haley plans to release the film this May!

We were so excited to get the chance to talk with Haley and get a behind the scenes look into what started her passion for costume design as well as more about the creation and inspiration behind her film.

How did you get started in costume design?

“I became interested in costume design when I was nine. I would say it started with my obsession for certain textures (like the silky tag on my stuffed hippo and my spider silk hair as a toddler).

Haley Peterson ASU costume design

My interest grew even greater after the first Lord of the Rings movie came out in 2001. Something was absolutely magical about the costumes in the film. I remember researching everything I could about Ngila Dickson who was the costume designer for the trilogy. I had to know how the seam in Arwen’s coronation gown was sewn along with how the crinkle silk chiffon was finished and where the beading was placed.

It wasn’t until one summer at a Turkish summer camp, when I had realized that all of the research I had been doing had married itself with my fixation and love for textures and fabrics.

costume design sketches cri de Guerre

As I sat on a swing, I began to fantasize about designing a gown. I started to draw, but I felt disappointed with these first few drawings. The 3-D, fluid dresses that I pictured in my head just turned into awkward t-shirt shaped scribbles on the paper. I vowed to myself that I would get better, and the next time my grandma went to town I had her pick me up a fashion drawing book. I studied that thing religiously!

costume designer arizona state university haley peterson

My first sewing machine was from my Grandmother, but I had learned how to sew from my Aunt. I ended up taking a fashion class in high school and sewed my own homecoming dress (which my friend’s younger sister wore to her homecoming this year… about six years after I wore it). When college applications rolled around, it didn’t take too much figuring out that I should study costume design.

The problem was finding a costume design program.

costume design ASU senior captsone project

There are two in the United States. Since there were no programs at schools near me that strictly focused on costume design, I ended up writing my own major at ASU. It’s called the “Individualized Focus.”

I have had the flexibility to take costume design courses, fiber art courses, drawing, and sewing courses. As a freshman, I took a job in the Lyric Opera Theater costume shop, which led me to my first film. The summer after that, I designed costumes for Hayley Kosan’s capstone film.

ASU senior captstone project

I also had the opportunity to design costumes for the world premier of a show directed by Kim Weild, a visionary director, and written by the experimental playwright, Charles Mee. I’ve designed for about 11 films now, and the snowball hasn’t stopped rolling since.

What is your favorite part about designing costumes?

My favorite part about designing costumes is the incredible power it gives me.

After their lines, the next thing an actor cares about is their costume. The artifacts we wear declare who we are to society and the artifacts an actor wears helps them get into their character’s shoes, literally and figuratively. Characterization is one of the joys of costume design.

Haley Peterson Cri de Guerre senior design project

Fabric, color, texture and movement are probably the second thing for me. I love designing clothes that dance around a person. I’m a dancer as well, and I design costumes for dancers. Second only to a ballerina’s body, is her tutu. It highlights her line, and accentuates her movements. Or take break dancers; baggy clothes accentuate their grounded movements, and their popping and locking can ripple through the layers of fabric. This stuff is so cool! I nerd out on it!

Haley Peterson Ball Room dancing

What do you find most challenging?

As in anything, working with people who are hard to connect with is the most challenging for me. If the director or another designer’s personality is completely foreign to me, it can make the design experience a drag. I design because I am passionate about being a part of the complex matrix. If I don’t see that passion in others, I lose the joy in what I’m doing. Then again, I like to include others in the joy I have for projects and watch how they respond and come alive from what I do.

Haley Peterson Costume Designer ASU

Another challenge is the hours. In film and theater the work hours are very condensed, and especially at the amateur level, your work can seem unrewarding. Pushing through is a challenge. At times, I feel like I am about to emotionally or mentally break. But I tell myself to “be a man” – a la Mulan- and that fixes everything. (Just kidding – I think there is a lot of strength in the way women respond to challenges, and I don’t think “elevator breakdowns” as I call them, make me less successful – it’s all a part of the process of dealing with people and high stress situations. It’s fun in the end.)

ASU costume Design Haley Peterson

Tell us a little about the film you are working on. What is your inspiration and vision for it?

I am directing a film based on Jeanne d’Arc, the French war hero, martyr and saint, who led the French army to victory as a 17 year old and was burnt to death only two years later. Her life, her fortitude, her courage, her resolution, her insanity and her faith are completely mind boggling to me.

This is a completely inelegant way of describing what I hope will be an elegant, poignant, visually poetic interpretation of her experiences and her inner world. I was inspired by a feeling of being an outsider, an alien, who is willing to step into a role that has never been and can never be again. I was inspired by the spirituality of fabric moving underwater, the painful tenderness of a mother’s love, and the courage it takes to face death in the face of another human behind cold steel. I was also inspired by Nordic folk songs called kulning, and by the expressive ability of the human body in motion. The film is a dance film in many ways.

Senior Capstone Project costume design Haley Peterson

This film is my capstone and senior thesis (also known as my boyfriend). It’s the culmination of four years of doing everything. It was like I kept pounding ammunition into the creative cannon (my brain), and when I traveled to Scandinavia last summer it was lit on fire and then it exploded, and when I swept the debris into a pile that was the beginning.

It’s been so much more than just conceiving however, there are the gestation period and then the delivery. The fundraiser was a huge mountain to climb, but I managed to raise my goal of $8,000 on the crowd funding platform “Indiegogo”, thanks to friends and family and a few strangers. Now we’re in pre-production phase and all the parts are coming together, but sometimes things slide past my attention and I just kick myself.

Cri de Guerre Indi go go funding goal

What are your aspirations as you further your career?

Like everyone else, I want to be rich, famous, and dumb. But my brain kicks in sometimes and tells me to be okay with being poor, unknown, and smart.   I’m in search of the truth, and I don’t want to just talk about it, I want to live it. I want other people to see something honest in everything I do.

college student costume designer fashion designer haley peterson

In terms of how to do this, I think that for me it involves avoiding distractions which means focusing on creating for others, and being humble. Humility is the greatest power. I thought I had my career all figured out when I started college. But I’ve figured out a lot about life, design, people, and myself since then.

Cri de Guerre costume design ASU senior capstone project

And I think I can say with confidence that no matter what the next step is – whether I win an Oscar next year, earn a Fulbright to study in Norway, live with my parents for the rest of my life, or fall off the face of the earth, I know it will be good.

To find out more about Cri de Guerre, visit their Trust us, your going to want to check this out!

Haley Peterson senior capstone project

Haley, we loved learning about your passion for costume design and we can’t wait to see your film! We wish you the best of luck in finishing up your last semester of college and can’t wait to see what the future holds for you. We just know that one day we will see you walking the red carpet!

P.S. Do YOU know an awesome college student in Arizona pursuing their dreams in fashion? Send us an e-mail at with more information!

Spring Into Fashion – Stylists Take the Stage

Stylist is king.

At least at Phoenix Fashion Week’ s Spring into Fashion show that took place Friday night at the Arizona Center in Downtown Phoenix. Instead of the traditional fashion show where stylists stay behind the scenes, PHXFW put these hard-working fashionistas front and center, giving them a platform to show just how creative they can be.

The top 5 stylists in AZ partnered with local brands to showcase the best trends for springs. Hope you enjoy as much as we did!

Rochelle York & Clothes Minded Boutique

Rochelle York teamed up with one of our personal favorite business owners, Kim Kendall from Clothes Minded, to create an effortless yet, chic everyday look. Rochelle brought Clothes Minded to a completely new level on the runway with her combination of bright outstanding hues and fun versatile accessories.

She taught us how to make essential basics such as stripes and solids into fashionable works of art. What really caught our eye was the olive green leather belt paired with the white and tan striped maxi dress. This particular belt completed the look and gave it a true high fashion feel.

Yekatherina Bruner & Allie Ollie Boutique

Yekatherina opened her show with one of our favorite colors of this spring season, mint green. In her partnership with Allie Ollie boutique, she used the boutique’s signature prints to her advantage by making every look classy and cohesive.

She inspired us to think outside the box by mixing leather with chevron, and adding color to simple black and white combinations. Yekatherina captured the true essence of the boutique and each styling challenged us to see the outfits in a whole new light.

Vanessa Renee & Fresh Start Treasures

Vanessa Renee pleasantly surprised us this evening with her collaboration with Fresh Start Treasures boutique. The series of monochromatic and neutral tone outfits exuded spring couture. Each look was transitional from the workplace to cocktail hour with closet essentials like tweed blazers and shimmering pencil skirts.

What we loved about this collaboration was that it looked luxurious and expensive but, was in fact extremely affordable. Each piece was $20 or less which made us want to run to our nearest second-hand retail store and create our own Vanessa inspired look for the spring season.

Jessica Hunter & 7 Diamonds

Jesssica Hunter gave a lesson in modern style to all the boys in the crowd. Pairing 7 Diamonds‘ playful pattern shirts with unexpected accessories like Birkenstock sandals and a “Celfie” beanie was a fun twist on traditional men’s style.

Some things we particularly loved about the show were the half-tucked shirts and cool men’s jewelry. Overall, really awesome job Jessica! You showed Phoenix that there’s more to men’s fashion than tanks, board shorts, and boat shoes. Thank god.

Jenesis Laforcarde & Divaz Boutique

Jenesis Laforcarde killed it from the very beginning of her show. Her introduction video was confident and sassy, just like the show we were about to see. The show started off with Dolcessa Swimwear, which was recently picked up by Divaz boutique. Instead of using flowing fabrics and the island charm that Dolcessa is known for, Jenesis took to high Spice Girl pony tails, and body chains. And we were obsessed.

The show continued with some colorful, confident fashion and statement jewelry from Fresh Picks Style. Every detail of the show from the music, to the hair and makeup, to of course the styling was 100% Jenesis and that is what we LOVE seeing in a stylist’s show.


We thoroughly enjoyed Spring into Fashion. Warm weather and spring trends, we are ready for you!


Photos by: Almanza Photography

Story by: Skyler Scott and Lindsay Viker


At the beginning of Phoenix Fashion Week 2013, we had the privilege of announcing Dolcessa Swimwear as one of the emerging designers competing for the Emerging Designer of the Year contest (see the story here). We were beyond thrilled when she won the title of Designer of the Year at the last night of Phoenix Fashion Week (another story to check out here).


Dolcessa Wins Emerging Designer of the Year at Phoenix Fashion Week 2013

Dolcessa Swimwear Phoenix Fashion Week 2013

But, designer Katya Leoncio wasn’t stopping there. Since her victory in October, Katya has taken Dolcessa into another issue of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit (the 50th anniversary issue to be exact) and into major national retailer Molly Brown Swimwear!

A huge congratulations is in order for this brand, and we could not be more thrilled that they are coming back to the Arizona runway for our enjoyment. At Phoenix Fashion Week’s Spring into Fashion show, Dolcessa will once again hit the runway to showcase their spring 2014 collection.

Dolcessa Swimwear 2014

Dolcessa Swimwear 2014

Unfortunately, designer Katya Leoncio won’t be able to join us at Spring into Fashion because she has been invited to the Michael Jordan Classic event. Don’t be too discouraged though, because she will be able to answer all your questions via Twitter by using #AskDolcessa. The answers to these questions will be answered live at the press conference before the show. (And you know we’ll have them published on the blog the next day!)

Spring Into Fashion Phoenix Fashion Week

“Since Phoenix Fashion Week, Dolcessa Swimwear has been on the fast track to success after 3 of their swimsuits were featured in the latest Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, and the brand was picked up by a national retailer…this is only the first quarter of 2014! We are excited to show our followers this exciting brand as she becomes the next big name in swimwear design,” director of Phoenix Fashion Week, Brian Hill, said.

Katya Dolcessa Phoenix Fashion Week 2013

Photo courtesy of Almanza Photography

Don’t miss out on this awesome opportunity to get your questions answered by the hottest swimwear brand around! Tweet your question now using #AskDolcessa!

P.S. Want to see the swimwear line in person, but aren’t able to make it to Spring into Fashion? Then make sure to stop by the trunk show at Divaz in Tempe Marketplace on Saturday, March 29th, 12 pm – 3pm!

Phoenix Premium Outlets

2 Elie Tahari Dresses for $95.94 total.

The only place to get a deal like that in Arizona is at the Phoenix Premium Outlet mall. As lovers of expensive fashion, and college students on a budget, the new outlet mall by Wild Horse Pass casino has quickly become one of our favorite destinations.

Phoenix Premium Outlets Elie Tahari

You might typically think of outlet malls as a place where the masses gather to pounce upon deals. Modern, clean, and great customer service do not fit into that picture at all. But, the Phoenix Premium Outlets have changed that stereotype.

When we were invited out to experience the new mall, we weren’t totally sure, but when we saw all the awesome stores that were at the mall, we eagerly agreed. (See a list of all the stores here)

Phoenix Premium Outlet Stores Designer Stores Outlet Mall Phoenix

Our overall experience was absolutely incredible. First of all, it was an insanely gorgeous Saturday. The sun was shining, the smell of pretzels were in the air (YUM!), and the stores were filled with awesome merchandise.

Phoenix Premium Outlets Couture in the Suburbs

When we stepped into the Elie Tahari store and heard that it was a Buy One Get One Free sale, we couldn’t have been more excited. We were even more blown away by the incredible customer service from Taylor Young.

He quickly identified the types of dresses we were drawn to, and even told us some interesting facts about the Elie Tahari brand (Did you know that Mr. Tahari himself draws the patterns that line the inside of his dresses?)

Thank you Taylor and the Phoenix Premium Outlet team for making our experience absolutely incredible! We will definitely be back.

Lindsay Viker Phoenix Premium Outlets Couture in the Suburbs

Couture in the Suburbs at Phoenix Premium Outlets

(Stay tuned for part 2 of this post, where Lindsay will show off the two dresses she bought!)

Thanks to Phoenix Premium Outlets for sponsoring this post.

Story and Photos by: Lindsay Viker

Join the Party- With Ettika Jewelry

It’s officially spring time again! Winter boots are being switched out for gladiator sandals, jeans for summer dresses, and that means sleeves are getting shorter and shorter.

Last season was all about showing off your bejeweled “arm party” and Ettika Jewelry is keeping that trend fresh and updated this spring season. What we love about Ettika is their personable and engaging connection with their bloggers and customers. We had the privilege of showing off one of our favorite pieces from Ettika while strutting at Arizona State University: The Glistening Glimmer Tan Braid Bracelet.

Ettika Jewelry Skyler Scott

What we love about this particular piece is the fact that is so versatile. It serves as a foundation if you will, for a signature Ettika arm party. This bracelet comes in a variety of colors but we liked this tan color because it’s a neutral and matches with pretty much everything. It’s made from real leather and crystals which adds a little “pizazz” to any outfit.

Ettika Glistening Glimmer Tan Braid Bracelet Skyler Scott Ettika Glistening Glimmer Tan Braid Bracelet

We knew this was going to be a great high-quality product just from the initial presentation when we received the bracelet. We were pleasantly surprised by the custom Ettika bag that the bracelet came in. This is ideal for storage purposes and each Ettika item you purchase comes with a custom bag.

Ettika Jewelry Skyler Scott

Ettika consistently shows appreciation for their customers and followers by doing monthly giveaways and releasing special coupon codes through their various social media outlets. A coupon code that is good for 25% off your first purchase is EXCL25.

On their user-friendly website, you can browse everything from new arrivals and best sellers, to their diverse collection of necklaces and earrings as well. Ettika has got us hooked on their arm candy and we can’t stack enough of their adorned pieces of art on our wrists. Participate in the next Ettika Twitter Party with us on Monday, March 17th in order to win some arm candy of your own!

Ettika Pre- Twitter Party Announcement

Thank you Ettika for sponsoring this post! XO Couture in the Suburbs

Story by: Skyler Scott

Photos by: Lindsay Viker

Be You, Be Beautiful.

Every woman wants to feel beautiful and with the help of Neiman Marcus, 6 lucky ladies will get the chance to embrace their beauty. Neiman Marcus is looking for 6 women to appear in their fall 2014 beauty campaign. These 6 beautiful women will be flown to Dallas to be fitted and then chauffeured to and from their shoot with a New York fashion photographer. The winners will also get to keep their magnificent outfit! (Sold.)

Neiman Marcus Beauty Campaign Contest

You can nominate yourself or someone you believe is beautiful inside and out. Express how the nominee dedicates her time, her charitable efforts, and how she is striving to make the world a better place, along with other qualities that make her beautiful in your eyes. Submissions may only be one paragraph long and should include one photo.

The deadline for entrees is March 31, 2014 and you can submit entrees through the Neiman Marcus Facebook page.

The Prize:  includes a day long photo shoot in Dallas for the fall 2014 campaign for the Beauty Event. Round trip airfare, lodging, dinner at the Zodiac restaurant, a private fitting in the flagship store and &1,500 in cosmetics and fragrances plus the wardrobe from the shoot are included.

Good luck ladies!

Story by: Cassie Goers

The Magic of WWD Magic Market Week

WWD Magic is one of THE biggest fashion wholesale shows of the year. Buyers and brands from all over the country come to Las Vegas to figure out “what the world will be wearing” for the upcoming season.

WWD Magic
I was super lucky to attend Magic Market Week this past week for As their new Product Marketing Specialist, my job is to source vendors with super awesome products to feature on the site. So I packed my bags, and headed to Vegas with the who’s who of fashion.

I hope you enjoy the details of my trip, told with Instagram photos from the different accounts I was posting for: BelleChic (@bellechicdeals), Couture in the Suburbs (@suburbscouture), and of course, my personal account (@lindsayviker).

I stayed at the gorgeous Paris hotel and casino on the Las Vegas Strip. Magic Market Week was held at two different locations: Mandalay Bay Convention Center and the Las Vegas Convention Center, both just a short taxi ride away.

For Day #1, I headed to Mandalay Bay to see the Pool Tradeshow, Project, and ENKVegas. Pool features up and coming brands, perfect for the boutique image of BelleChic. Project showcases premier designer brands (I wanted to see what trends were up and coming), and ENKVegas hosts women’s contemporary brands.

I seriously underestimated how large these shows would be! After several hours of walking around, and a meeting with a vendor, I was in serious need of a delicious meal and relaxation. I ordered a glass of pinot grigio and the most amazing mac & cheese, and answered some e-mails.

Then I headed back to the Paris for a quick nap and outfit change before I headed back to Mandalay Bay for a cocktail hour with the Pool Trade Show designers (hello networking opportunities!) A huge thank you to Adam from Store Envy for hosting the event.

Day #2 was for the Las Vegas Convention center. First things first, I scanned FNPlatfom, the shoes showcase, and was basically in HEAVEN! (Just imagine being surrounded by all the shoes you can imagine!). After that, I headed upstairs to the seminar series for a lesson in how to transform your business for today’s online shopper (very useful for a totally online company, don’t you think?).

The seminar was super informational. I cannot wait to try out some of the strategies they mentioned for BelleChic!

Once the seminar was over, I headed down to WWDMagic White, which features women’s apparel, and ran into some of our friends from Phoenix Fashion Week – the Shawl Dawls and Living Dreams!

After catching up for a bit, and seeing what else White had to offer, I headed to WWD Magic where I found clothing brands that are the perfect fit for BelleChic! I scanned the hundreds of booths, and then ran into some fashion bloggers saying what their favorite brands at the shows were! Of course, I had to stop and listen.

Once I checked out the brands the bloggers had talked about, I decided to go back and rest. After all, I had a big evening ahead of me! I was meeting up with my dears friends from Bilby and Moss for a dinner at the Palms. We compared our trips to Magic and talked about what types of vendors would be the best for BelleChic. Thank you SO much for the invaluable advice and the delicious dinner.

After dinner, and a quick selfie at my hotel, I headed to the Cosmopolitan’s Chandelier bar to meet up with the Phoenix Fashion Week team and their connections that were also in town for Magic. I met some amazing people and had a great time. But, at this point, I was exhausted! So I went back to my hotel to rest up for Day 3.

Day #3 was exclusively for WWD Magic. I scoured the contemporary and junior’s sections for some big brands that are sure to put BelleChic on top. Not that this was an easy task. When I say that the show is overwhelming, I’m talking about hundreds of brands around every corner! But I have to say, I loved every second of the trip and feel so fortunate to have had this experience.

I met so many amazing people at the show (and in the airport… shout out to my new friend Ben!), that I would have never met had I not attended this trade show. If you ever have the opportunity to go, do it! There are not many places where all of fashion gathers together.

If you want to see some of the awesome vendors I found at the show, make sure you keep your eye on (And if there are any awesome vendors you think we need to feature, send me an e-mail!

Until next year Magic!

Story and Photos by: Lindsay Viker